Mellow Weekend and a Dab of Gentrification…

This weekend was alright. I was sick the whole time. Saturday I just stayed in bed until my girl came up. I was supposed to go out-of-town but that did not happen so my girl just came up and we hung out. Went to see Act like a lady think like a man for the 100th time. I fell asleep on it the first time,was sleepy the second time, so this time I was fully awake. Kevin Hart is an idiot! Lol I love him though. Umm Sunday we woke up grabbed breakfast then went on a Canal cruise downtown. I knew Richmond had a lot of history but not that much. I also did not know that Off the Hookah had cabana style lounges in the back. I know where I will be the next sunny day! Maybe I just need to explore Richmond more. Idk. So my girl is thinking about moving with me and we saw some apartments downtown that I have been wanting for forever. We went inside to get info but it was by appointment only. We figured two incomes together it should not be that much. That’s what you would think right? Let me see if I can find them.

Are they not to DIEEEEEE for!!!!?? Floor to ceiling windows. That is my dream living room and bed room to have floor to ceiling windows. I know that’s where my obsessions with lofts comes from. Well while on the Canal tour the tour guide mentioned them because well..they are on the canal. The condos overlook the entire city and 95. Well our bubble was popped. The 1 bedrooms go for 300k and the penthouse is 1.5 Mili. The former mayor owns that. Oh well on to the next! LOL. Who would have thunk it? Richmond real estate downtown is really getting expensive and Richmond is also becoming a hot spot. I can’t stand it! I smell Gentrification!!

That’s all that was up with my weekend though. I think I’m going to start a segment called “blah blah’s” . Lol cuz that’s all I do. Blah blah blah blahhhhh



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