Sick but Better

I’ve been sick for like a week. I went home yesterday after cleaning my desk off a bit and slept alll day. I feel a bit better. I went back and read what I posted on the 24th and I was having a very “woe is me” day. I don’t really like to open up to people and don’t like feeling forced to open up. I will when I’m ready. It’s easier to write it in a journal form because a computer or paper cannot judge or give opinions. This usually  pushes people away but ya can’t rush progress. I feel like only I understand me. I really need to grab my life by the shoe strings tie those suckers up and keep it moving. Easier said then done though.

I got some gift cards for Administrative Assistant Day. That was cool. Havent gotten anything from my people yet.. my 3 people. Two other people’s assistants gave me something. All I know is I better get interoffice something today!

You ever have a weird feeling that some people only want to be your friend when you are coming into their circle? Yea…. think about it.

I was watching Hip Hop Pov last night. Thank the lord for this show. It brings back the vibe of Rap City the Basement.

I was also watching Brandy’s behind the music. I have an all new respect for her and her hustle. That girl has been through it! Listening to her music on the show reallly made me miss the 90’s. I wish I could go back there and just freeze time. The 90’s and early 2000’s was really a time of peace. Probably because I did not have any bills …

Enough of my bishazzness cya…


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