I’m screaming and no one hears me. I’m screaming my feelings at the top of my lungs but all I hear is “Suck it up”. Why can’t life be easier. I’m starting to break out again from stress. I cried myself to sleep yesterday. So many things on my mind so many things I’m unable to fix. I don’t like the person I am. I don’t want anyone else to like me either. Yet everyone loves me and is lined up to get a peice of me. Can’t fight that. I want to love myself again and the person I am. I see where I want to be in life.I miss my dad, I want out of here, I can’t find immediate happiness in anything, I’m reaching for goals that 4 years later I can’t obtain, and the list goes on. Like I said, I see where I want to be in life. I just  wish I could teleport there and bypass  my personal drama filled internalizing pessimistic TSA…


Pat me down, from my head to my toes

Find in my Avon clutch bag tears and woes

Take me to jail, book me, finger print me

This course is wrong just…help me to see

Lock me in a cell give me time

Hand me anyone else’s thought’s but mine

Tape my tear ducs

Staple my mouth shut

So I cannot produce

The screams

That no one hears…..


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