Get your ears ready…

This past weekend was a BLAST! I went to Maryland to hang out with my girl Kiya. I have not seen her since I was little but we became cool really quick. I also met another nice sister Leeci that was also cool. So Friday Kiya, Tyler, Ant, Leeci and I went to a spot called Half-Note. At first I was like what kind of bumping place is going to be in the middle of a shopping center? Well it was really nice. Live band, great bar, plenty of pitiful pimps for me and my girls to laugh at ect ect. Drinks and laughs. We busted out the Wobble on them folks. It was a MUCH older crowd than us but we enjoyed it! Saturday we( Kiya and I) woke up and ate breakfast and rolled over to the football tournament that was going on in B-More. There were like 7 states there so at first Kiya and I didn’t know anyone. Oh except one person… here my ex-husband comes walking past me. LMBO. We treated the situation very good though and never even made eye contact.(Small world) What a cowinkadink!

       So then we left there and had a wonderful Fiesta night with a lot of the sisters from her congregation. Ant came over and it just gives me the giggles how much these sisters ADORE him. It speaks volumes for me. And not only the sisters but when a guy has a lot of male friends or friend’s period it speaks volumes because there’s always a reason someone can’t hold a friendship together. I’m just saying! Anyways…so later everyone left and we decided (us 3 girls) to go get some drinks in D.C. It was really fun and we had a great time. Sunday We woke up (hardly) and went to the meeting , watched a movie ,took a nap,then went over Ant’s and continued the Fiesta ( I was still wanting Siesta!) After we stuffed ourselves silly we all sat down on the big wrap around couch with paper and pen in hand. It was like 6 of us maybe , and we watched the video for this week’s part on the Theocratic Ministry school. The video touched on how the Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses got started and how all of the persecution throughout the years has not stopped this work of teaching ones about the bible to be silenced. FYI: The Theocratic Ministry School is a part on a weekly night in which the congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses partakes in a discussion as how to better teach ones about the bible when going from door to door. I love Jehovah’s organization you can have wholesome fun and also make sure of your spiritual needs while doing so. So after that I packed up my bags, I put my sad face on and went home. I got home around 2ish and clocked out!

::Moving On::

I don’t usually put my business out there and I’m not one to splatter stuff all over Facebook/ Twitter. I don’t like the attention.  But anyways J

Me and Ant Scott had a small conversation and decided to give us a shot. He is a GOOD guy.

I’m happy that I made a right decision. I literally came to a crossroad between choosing what’s best for me and what may not be too great for me. Actually three crossroads. I chose the one that I feel like would help me live the best path and be an addition to me… not take away from me or my spirit. I decided not to make anymore immature decisions that I would regret in the long run. I’m ready for someone that can make me better, give me something I have never had before and in turn make me WANT to put forth effort to become a compliment to them. There is literally nothing lacking when I look at what Jehovah sets out in the scriptures that a capable man is. Not to say a relationship will be perfect I’m not saying that at all. Everyone has something you are not going to like. I am a hard nut to crack and I will over think and resist on everything possible thing for reasons I’m not even sure of. I literally internalize everything. Yet he didn’t stop….he didn’t let up. He knows what he wants. I’m ready for peace and for someone to treat me how my mom said I deserve to be treated since I was a young teen. We have been friends for it seems like forever and a day so I doubt it will take long to figure out of this is what we ‘both’ want. We’ll see where it goes from here. It kind of just fell into place…

::Ok with all the sappy stuff moving on::

Now let’s get into what happened last night! I went with a couple of friends to Addis and I performed my poem I wrote last week at open mic! Ahhh! It went so well. Of course I had to partake in some liquid courage but hey it was all good. I received mad love from the crowd. It makes me want to go back and I love the feeling! I performed “Badge of Honor”

I can’t seem to get it to upload because I don’t have a good signal at work so I will try to post it later.

Until then Byes!


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