Badge of Honor





I saw a man carrying his child in a sling

 He had a certain glow, opposite of bastardising

 Black sling back secured behind the nape of his neck


Chest hard as boulders shirt hanging on for life shouting

  Abs …1..2..3..4 and counting..

 Arms picturesque of rolling hills

  Tender coos escaping from his young love  fulfills


Straps vertical down his back

 What’s attached to him is the reason his pockets stay packed

 Hustle.. Hustle.. Hard

  Nah he don’t need a black card

  Hard exterior

Inside soft tender-hearted 

 Motives far from ulterior 

 Young love , Chip off the old block, lil man,

  Resembling him like no one else can

  He wears him on his chest like a Badge Of Honor

  Anyone that threatens him?…goner..

  Or puts him in danger 

 Friend ..Family  or Stranger

  In turn he will endanger

  Negative thoughts aside

  Bubbling forth from his mouth


  Toting him around proud dad he is

  Let’s give it up for the men claiming a bundle of joy








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