I fear that I don’t care anymore

Lies all around me , shutting my emotional door

I’m 1 in a million

“That” ONE in a million

Alone in my feelings, ahead of my time

Others innocent and free, dancing on cloud 9

Or maybe I’m not, many keep silent

Taking a happy picture and hiding behind it

Blinded youth , rose-colored glasses, Naïvety

My glands bleed for simplicity

Gifts or curse?

I want that curse back

I would wear it like my brightest Sunday dress

Put it on with some heels dressed to impress

Nah but that would get old

I’m tired of being cold


I know too much

They say too much of a good thing….

Isn’t a good thing

I mean that’s what he say, she say…they say

Drake in my beats by Dre

Houston.. Lanta ..Vegas

Would getting away save me?

I feel so complacent here, …Catastrophe..

Could he save me from myself if I just let go?

Why am I acting like love is not my friend but..foe?


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