I need to get my life…


Forreal forreal.. I need to get my life lol. This weekend was crazy in so many ways and I need to quit! AHH! Get it together Janay.. for heaven’s sake! I woke up this morning to THE worst headache.(hangover) ughh.. Still tipsy while driving to work :/. Ughhh. I have not felt like this is forever. He text me last night and said I didn’t add up, then sends another text right after that saying “I luv you babe goodnight” – What does that even mean? I don’t really understand why guys call me baby or babe so much and I’m not in a relationship with them(Term of Endearment?). I also don’t know how they feel a “luv” /”love” for me I mean I don’t do anything. Lol… I’m just me idk. Guess I’m doing something. Ughhhh again. I want to say what else happened this weekend buuut unfortunately a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets or something like that. The old woman on Titanic said that…or something like that. :/ Can you tell alcohol is still in me? Yea me too. Me my mom and sister saw Titanic in 3d, it was ok. I mean I could have watched it at home. It was not really all that 3D to me. I mean, I was expecting for the people to fall from the boat straight into my lap lol. They didn’t they just fell straight into the water. I would hate to have been in that water. Me and my ex went to Myrtle Beach last summer and there was a museum type place that has a interactive display to see how long you could hold your hand in the water that got colder and colder until it was the degree of how cold the titanic water was. Yea I could not keep my hand in there for even half the time of the coldest it could get. I feel so sorry for those people. I wonder how many people would have survived if it was warm water? How would the boats had chosen who gets on when the last boat went back? Idk I’m just talking.

::Moving on::

I’m so maaddd. Why do things always fall on the same weekend!? I swear everything is falling on the weekend of April 14th and the weekend of April 28th. My grandmother is getting a award for her poems, I’m invited to my friend Kiyas house, My girl Regine invited me to a fashion art show or something like that, it’s a big valet job, there is a scavenger hunt. I mean DANG?! All on the same weekend of the14th. Then on the 28th, my friends are having a house warming party … I forgot my boy was getting married that weekend. About that. I think I’m going to wear jeans and all black everything. 🙂 Sike. You know my ex sister in law wore pants to my wedding? Yea I probably would have too to show my “condolences” for the hell hole I was about to go into. Anywho! Man I can talk. Let me get to work.Byes!


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