Interesting weekend…and it’s not over :)

This has been a interesting weekend and it’s not even Sunday yet. Let’s see. So Friday I got off work and chilled out at home until my friend came up. We went to the movies to see Hunger Games. This was THAT good. My mom is actually in the movies seeing it as I type this so I can’t wait to see how she enjoyed it. My coworker let me borrow the book so I will be locked in the house reading that next week probably. Oh! there are 3 books. You know what that means! Sequels! yayy. It’s bitter sweet though because for the first time I actually saw the movie before I read the book, so I’m excited to see what details the movie left out, then I’ll watch it again. You always notice things you never noticed before in the movie after you read the book. I read like 5 pages and knew alot more of why things were done in the movie just from that.


Anyways .. after that we left and went to Dennys. Food was ok but I was starving so my mind said it was bomb.LOL so when we left a group of like 15 guys came in..we looked around and was like wait a minute.. they were all … well.. to be politically correct homosexual. One guy said “Girrrlll your shoes are Fah’ lyyy!! (Fly) and gave me a high five. Haha. I was like thanks boo! I had my Coach sneaks on. After that I came home went to bed around 3. I was still able to wake up for service though so that was cool.Ironically m chest started having pain again so I had to take a muscle relaxer.


So I came home.. laid down around 12 and next thing I know I woke up and it was 7! Must have been that muscle relaxer oh well. So now I’m home just chilling enjoying being lazy and my friend text me..(my other friend) and asked me who I went to the movies with last night,,I avoided the question because it just wasn’t any of his business ( even though I would ask the same out of curiosity..not nosiness) so in turn me answering “a friend” was playing games. I said I don’t need to play games to get anything. SMH. I’m single. Guess what a perk of that is not having to answer to anybody.


Anyways! I’m going to some wine expo tomorrow it should be cool. My girls are in town today for the 10k and invited me over to the hotel to play cards, and some of my boys asked me to come downtown to Blackfin to hang out but you know what… this is a lazy day and that’s exactly what I’m going to do . BE LAZY. Until next time peace!



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  1. Hunger games was awesome, so well adapted from the books.

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