So I need to get in the Resume building flow again. This is something I LOVE doing. I love looking up Power Phrases and different resume styles. Of course when you don’t have a job it’s not as fun. But when you have a job and just looking for something better, it’s kind of like catching a fish so to speak.I was watching a fishing show last night where some lures actually have propellers on them. They make a certain sounds to attract certain fish. So with that said depending on the resume style , wording, ect ect it can attract a multitude of employers. I’ve actually thought about resume’ building on the side. You will be surprised at how many people do not know how to stay up on what’s being accepted nowadays. What resumes the Government accepts may not particularly be what Verizon accepts. What Verizon accepts, the Government may throw out without even looking at it. For instance, I was reading this Federal Resume Book a couple of years ago when trying to get in the doors. Did you know most Federal employers will not even look at a resume with bullet points? Insiders call it the “Laundry List” Yup. They don’t even look at it. Yet , that was years ago, that might have change. Hence why you have to stay up on your game. My resume that got me the job at Anthem is not what go me the job at Anthem/ Sales. I had to completely change it around to fit year 2011 NOT year 2009. Anyways I say all that to say this, with this health care reform, it will do away with pre-existing conditions. Meaning that underwriters will no longer have a job. Well a part of my job is working as a liaison between them and the brokers soooo lol :/.. they say our jobs are safe but like I said. You never know. So in the resume spirit I gooo! 🙂 Later


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