New Three-Dimensional Nail Polish

I cannot wait! I saw this in Ulta on a huge advertisement but the ladies couldn’t tell me what it was. I found it!
Eating caviar may not be for everyone, but caviar nail art can work for even the most conservative of nail art devotee’s. reports UK nail polish brand Ciate’ will soon launch nail kits that you can use to create the “Caviar Mani” which will soon be available through Sephora.  The Caviar Mani is a simple enough concept, embellishing nails with tiny multi-colored, black or white beads to create a three-dimensional caviar effect.

After polishing, just sprinkle the beads over your wet nails and let them dry.  Your best bet would be putting on top coat to ensure its longevity, but the DIY kit does comes with complete instructions for the perfect application.  Of course other brands will most likely jump on the band wagon once it hits stateside,  but before they do, hurry and get this look before it becomes over-done like OPI’s shatter polish trend!



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