Inspirational Morning Coffee

“Well now you know!” I like that term.How many of us have said that? We always say in our slang to our friends “Oh? You ain’t know? Well now you know!” – Even in a joking manner we rarely ever go past that and the conversation drops off. Rarely do we actually stop and think about how that simple comment affects the situation or how it should be taken. Whatever life has hit you with “Now that you know” what are you going to do about it? Hence why I have chosen this motivational segment for this week. Enjoy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Now that you know

Don’t curse the problem. Be thankful that you’ve become aware of it.

Now that you know it’s a problem, you can act to successfully deal with it. Now that you know it’s a problem, you have a well-defined way to make progress.

Now that you know, it is no longer a problem. It is a chance for you to make a difference, and to create meaningful value in doing so.

The sooner you know there’s a problem, the sooner you can do something about it. The sooner you start taking action, the more effective you’ll be.

When there’s a problem, there’s nothing to fear. Rather, there’s good and useful work to be done.

Is there a problem? Then step forward and take hold of the opportunity.

— Ralph Marston


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