First Day of Spring!

Ok so first of all, we didn’t even have a winter. We had ONE day of snow. ONE! And I didn’t even get to call out of work. :/ To bring in the spring I went running yesterday! I feel so amped. The start of this year began very motivational gym wise , but somewhere along the line I got very sick and fell off for like 3 weeks. I never stay sick that long. SMH. Then once I got better I went hard in the gym and pulled a muscle about a month ago in my rib that still has not healed . I don’t have time for it to heal so I decided to just ignore the pain and continue to work out and just not lift any weights. Viola!(Why do I want Maajjiiiccc to go after that. Love that song! lol)- Actually it didn’t even really hurt while I was running and I was booking it!. Mom went with me too. I love that woman. As I was running I was thinking to myself, My mom has actually over these past few years become my best friend also. I know its cliché to say that but my mom has always been my best friend but I’m talking differently now. I can literally tell my mom anything that’s on my mind and she won’t judge me. She may give me a little nudge of advice but she never judges me. EVER. It’s easier to deal with things when you know a listening ear won’t beat you down with every word or give you an uncomfortable silence that makes you regret ever saying anything in the first place. Yea… you know that uncomfortable silence some friends give you. Anyways! Yea so that’s why I love my mom.

::Moving on::

Getting back to spring. I finally got a chance to clean out my shoes in my closet. Wal-Mart has this carousel for shoes, so I bought that and that fit at least 25 pair of my shoes. I put the rest lined up on the closet floor and put all my winter boots in a big bin. I need everyone to try this and I promise you will feel like you just went shopping. Check all your closets under your bed in your bathroom in your car in your trunk everywhere! Get every stitching of clothes you can find and wash them. Put them in the dryer with bounty and iron all of them. Hang all shirts and dresses up and fold all the jeans and summer dresses neatly and put them away. What? What was that? The mass of society already does that? LOL! Oh well I did that and I feel like I found all my clothes! I had stuff on the floor in my laundry room in my car… in my trunk from being on the road over time, geez it was crazy. I’m never home! I feel like I live out my car sometimes. I even found more shoes in my back seat. SMH. Now when I get up for work I can actually get dressed in 5 minutes versus searching through clothes on the floor and in bins. Everything is hung up and folded neatly for easy access. Hallelujerrr I tell ya!. I’m a new me! Lol-my friend came over and didn’t say anything at my mess then came again the next weekend and saw how neat I was, he was like I was scared at first! LOL. I said I’m never home!! I need to get my life forreal forreal. I wasn’t about that orderly life now I am. Mentioning getting lives, my cat Remmie need to get his life! He is going to be chopped liver by the end of this year. I don’t know what’s going on with him. He literally follows me around like a 3 year old. I hate the fact that I yell at him more than I play with him but idk he is attached to my heel! He is the neediest cat I have ever known. I go upstairs he goes up stairs, I come downstairs he follows. I walk in the kitchen guess who is right there. Dang I can’t even use the bathroom without him sitting in-between my legs! Sorry for that visual but you get my drift? When I go take a shower before I turn the water on he jumps in the tub and sits lays down. I can’t with him. I mean this is the whole reason I didn’t get a dog! Sigh I wonder if I should get another cat. My fear is that I’ll come home and there will be pieces of the new cat just sprawled all over the walls. Remmie don’t play! Anyways I’m happy that summer is almost here and I’m ready to have a NICE, LONG, FUN,BEACH DRIVEN, SINGLE, PEACEFUL, SUMMER!!! WOOT WOOT!


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