SO bored.. nothing to do at work today. Well not of my own work. My email is empty. Usually I can’t get it under control. Usually I have to color code my emails just to have some type of order. Today I have none. I went shopping on my lunch break only to not be able to fit anything I  tried on. I think I may have to go to an actual name brand store to get some jeans. Places like Burlington, none of the jeans are the same brand. Since depending on the brand drives what size you wear.. I guess going there just sets me up for failure huh?. It is like 80 degrees outside right now. WHYYY am I here??. Sigh if only I knew I would have taken today off. Too bad it’s going to be 80 again or I think 88 Friday I would take off but I can’t :(. There is some Dr giving a motivational speech or some type of health insurance seminar and me and 3 other coworkers have to assist. That’s cool though because at least I won’t be AT work and we get to have lunch with him. Still, I would like to be off. Welps..let me ‘find’ something to do.. holla.


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