Who Stole My Lunch!?

I went from being HEATED to LAUGHING. So I have been trying this new diet out. Two bowls of Kashi cereal and snacks in-between then a good dinner. So I’m on day two. Well to make a long story long (that’s my little saying because my stories are never short) I went to go get a styrofoam  cup and a health bar out of the cafe at my job. Then I walked to the kitchen to get some of my milk out of the Ra Fri Gi Dair (I like how that sounds). So I was like crap got to use the little girls room. So I sat my dollar and 90 cents in change under my cup and my bar inside of it. I figured I’m only going to be gone a second. Well then I decided to do my eyebrows while I was in the bathroom so I took a little longer.

 So I come out and someone stole my lunch! well.. someone stole my belongings I hadn’t turned it into a lunch yet. I said who in the world would steal a measly dollar and change and a cup?! The recession is not THAT bad. But then maybe again it is. So I run off and tell my boss of my ordeal he just happened to be in the hallway then I go and tell some more “Oh no they didn’t!” stories to my co workers. I said “I’m telling security! Then I’m buying everything all over again” So my coworker was like , yea and check to see maybe they picked it up. I went to the security desk and demanded to know if someone brought some change and a bar and cup in ( Ok people I know its not much but its the principle and fear that there were sneaky people around me that actually made me hot) so anyways..the security officer said “YEP! I TOOK IT!.” I was floored. I said I thought someone stole it! She said ” Yea someone would have!” Now you may wonder why I freaked out so much. That’s because I am getting tired of people coming to work thinking that this is a free all you can take Wal-Mart! People are always stealing things out of the Ra Fri Gi Dair here. My brother in law works at the other building for Anthem that I used to work in. Do you know he brought some chicken wings to work and put them in the Ra Fri Gi Dair , when he went to go eat them someone had taken them eaten the meat off the bones PUT THE BONES BACK IN THE CONTAINER and put it back in the Ra Fri Gi Dair. SMH- People need to get their life!!! *Tamar Voice*

Here’s a funny website I found of Fridge Notes haha!


SMH – I’m kinda hot I can’t work out with this diet for a week. I have a sharp pain in my ribs that won’t go away. I’m hoping that this medicine the docs gave me helps. Motrin is wack though. Give me some Narcotics!! Lol. Anyways I hope I just pulled a muscle and it’s going to be all ok. Holla!


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