I can’t wait until the summer. I have so much I want to do. Seattle is not going to happen and neither is Texas. I’m HOT!!!!!! SMH my family never sticks to plans… and they wonder why I have a lack luster attitude about this cruise in 2013 puh leez. Seattle is my fault though. I don’t have the $ to save up for that. My car is in the shop and I haven’t even called back yet to get another estimate because it’s depressing. 7 codes were read that something was wrong. Two of the codes read that it’s my radiator so I will need a new radiator, thermostat, anti-freeze. Just those three things and labor is going to cost me $350. The other 5 codes they had to look into further cost me between 30-70$ just to inspect. Who knows what else is wrong with it. I hope it does not go over 500$. I also have to get an inspection which is going to cost 18$ for wiper blades and 16$ for the inspection. Money does not grow on trees! I really need a Valet Gig right now but hey even if I could…how am I going to get there? Lol.. but it’s weird I’m not even stressing because stress solves nothing. Someone taught me that. I used to freak out. I didn’t and haven’t even cried. Now if they call me and tell me it’s over a G what can I do? Guess I’ll just have to screw myself again and take out a loan against my 401k AGAIN. But I need a car and I can’t afford a car payment and no one and I mean no one will give me a loan for a car. Plus any work I have to do on my car I just chuck it up to, “It’s not like I have a car payment”. Imagine if I had to do all of this on top of a car payment and on top of insurance. Yes I do have insurance I’m just saying. That would be a bigger tack on.

:Moving On:

My friend said on Twitter that the Isley Brothers station was on point. I been bumpin this ever since! Choosey Lover just went off and Footsteps in the Dark. MAN! I love the rendition of that song Mos Def did Beauty in the Dark. That is my man! He’s another one I have to get the bible teach book out to so we can be together. I want him to ask me about my past lives! Haha. Word to Jill Scott word to Ant Scott saying “word to”. That’s my buddy but it’s an inside joke on his blog everything is “word to” {Insert name of someone that said something in the same reference prior}.

I gotta call my Grandma on my mom’s side…I haven’t talked to her in forever. I need to make it a point to do that TONIGHT. It’s always too late when you procrastinate calling and staying in touch with loved ones. So yea I need to set a reminder. What else what else.. oh I downloaded a Food Journal app . I’m supposed to jot down everything that I eat. Crap, forgot to put my two boiled eggs and fruit in this morning. I’ll do it in a second. This weight has to come off. I’m not heavy or anything.. I just want to tone. Of course all my guy’s friends are like nooooooo don’t lose a pound, but I want to for me though. So in the gym I go. When I got sick I fell off so bad for like 2 or 3 weeks. Anyways I’m outta here I could chat for forever and I have work to do. Peace.


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