Morning Vibes

Yesterday was a hoot. I had to laugh at myself today. Kind of. Oh well it happens. “First Time” by Marques Houston just came on. I have a lot of his music in my phone. *Sigh* love that man. He is so underrated. A lot of artists are. No one gets the credit due to them anymore, if you’re not Beyonce, Jay, Rhi Rhi, Chris, Nicki(the female weezy) , Weezy, or Drake, you can hang it up. I’m actually kind of mad at myself because I can’t get “Stupid Hoe” out of my head. Anyways ,whatever happened to Janelle Mone’ and Eryka Badu? What happened to the rap underdogs that had us rockin?? Ahmad ,Black Moon,Method Man,Nas,KRS –One, Raekwon,Ghostface,Mos Def, Talib Kweli ,and even the most recent Lupe??- just to mention a few… smh. I miss good music. I miss Aaliyah’s new joints coming on the radio, SWV, Total, Mase and P.Diddy and their crew rockin it with a new song every month. Diddy’s music has done down the drain even.  There aren’t any songs out that makes a permanent indention in time that will bring you or me back to this moment. Is there? Let me think. No. Where is the earth shattering vibes that knock us off our feet? Or make us go limp in thought. At night when I sleep I usually turn my channel to the Smooth Jazz station but when I’m up it’s either the Old School Hip Hop channel or Throwback Jams. So let me fire up the Aaliyah Pandora station and escape.

Wow, I’ll be 25 Friday time has flown by!  I remember when I was 12 wanting to say “Teen” in my age. SMH lol. Have a good day.


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