It’s early..very early.. and I’m tired. I refuse to open my Outlook Express right now because when I do my day gets thrown into hyper mode. So I’ll breathe a couple of deep breaths first. I just typed this weekend was nice, then erased it. Why did I think it was the weekend? I’m listening to Cold Play on my phone right now, on the way to work it was FU-GEE-LA and Birthday Cake by Rihanna. I love that chick.  Her and Breezy make some good music together and alone, they can’t be stopped. Personally I’m all for it. I see what the hoopla is all about though, she is a major star and is allowing her “abuser” or so the mass world says back into her life. Honestly though, not that I agree with anything that happened.. that affidavit if you read it, implies she provoked something too. A man should never hit a woman, but no one ever asked if it was in self-defense. Of course he would never scream that because it would probably make matters worse as if he was trying to get sympathy for it and you just can’t. At the end of the day she is a woman you are a man and that’s equivalent to black and white in the 40’s. Anyways I love them and I love them together and hey it’s been 3 years world get over it. Anyways, yesterday was cool I went to my annual broker meeting. We have two a year. So I drove down Tuesday night after my meeting and my nerve wrecking talk. I did great though so no complaints here. Me and my boss had an awesome conversation after it was all over and my reps praised my good job so far in this position and so did my boss. He even said the vice president of sales told him on his review that he made a good decision hiring me back in Sep. Oh to feel loved, its def something different being that my last position you felt like you were in Shawshank Prison. So after that I went back to my girlfriends house and hung out with her again and the babies. I love those girls, they are literally my pride and joy. So here I am today, sitting at my desk and my keyboard looking like a pillow. Let me see if I can find a picture to explain this situation.


There we go! The epitome right there of tired HAHAHA! Funny. That woke me up just a little bit. Oh one thing real quick . I got an email from Sportsbackers it’s basically a volunteer program. I cannot wait to look at it in detail today. Seriously I’m going to do it, my sister loves that type of stuff too. After each one I wish to document it and write my thoughts on my experiences. I gotta go. Time to open up this Outlook and get thrown into the fire. CYA.


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