So Then I Was Like/Uneventful Afternoon

Man! I had the most unproductive night last night. I went in Burlington… I was in there for like 2 hours! First I was gonna buy a lot of clothes. I mean I tried EVERYTHING on. Nothing fit right . Plus it was summer stuff and I wanted to lose more weight before I bought that. SO Then I just found more stuff tried it on again.Then I was like ehh I can get them later I need to buy house stuff.. so I went over to the other section to get house stuff… Then I was like well I can get it cheaper at marshalls. So I went to marshalls and was like dag I meant to go to Ross,.. so Then I was like oh well ill just go in Marshalls then. So I went in there and they was even more expensive than Burlington! So Then I was like ugh.. let me go get some gas because I almost broke down. SO I did that and saw big lots and I said OHH! I know they cheap for house stuff… negative. I walked out with toilet paper and lotion.. so Then I was like I’ll just go home. I drove past walgreens , made a quick uturn, went in Walgreens, wasted another hour it seems, got some mascara and hot fries. -_-

So Then I was like talk about a waste of an afternoon.

What I thought it was gonna be

What it turned out to be



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