Fashion Forward Thursday

Wow I had actually typed Wednesday. So happy tomorrow is Friday! I don’t really have that many plans. My girl Candace was suppose to come up, but her Aunt died last weekend so  she has to help clean her house out. I hate death 😦 So instead me and my sister in law Twyla will go second hand shopping. I have been finding some great stuff! Anyways I just came on here to say two things so I won’t babble on. I made these cork earrings and I have been getting compliments LEFT RIGHT UP DOWN UPSIDEDOWN EAST WEST NORTH AND SOUTH on them. This is crazy. Everytime I wear them people yell to me “Hey! Those are cool!” I don’t know what made my twisted artistic mind think of putting corks on as earrings but I did. What I really want to do is start making them and hey, maybe people will buy? Ya  never know :).

 Also I was watching 106 & Park yesterday and I promise you boo boo! I will learn how to make these pants Cassie had on. Her style is to die for!.


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