Dialing In

I think I’m going to start doing “Dialing In’s” It’s going to be like a quick post about something….well quick. Lol. Owwwww they are playing all the jams on the radio right now. Silk, R.Kelly, Usher “your making it hard for me to stayyy to walk awayyy” Love that song “Seduction” . Whoever the D.J this morning must have gotten some loving last night or feeling some type of way. Now they are playing Shai “If I ever fall in love”. Ok commercials now. It’s impossible to write while jamming! Ok, so yesterday I went to see Safe House. I’ve never been the “Ohh that man fine!” type Denzel fan. But lordy lordy, that man is fine! Lol No but seriously he did an Amazing job and so did Matt Weston. Afterwards me and my friend shot some pool (I sucked) few beers, and I called it a night. Let me say this , I find nothing sexier than a man in a button up and slacks. Gosh. If men only knew how sexy that was I think they would do it more often.

::Moving on::

My mom also texted me and told me that possibly we might be going to Texas in May to visit her husband’s sister and the city. She is REALLY cool and knows how to have fun so I think this will be a very nice trip to get out of dodge for at least a week or few days. I heard her house was bonkers so that money we would spend on a hotel we don’t have to. Gosh do I wish I had more connects in different areas, that way you only have to worry about flight cost and spending cost. Oh how happy I would be if I knew someone in California. Well , .. Actually I do. My Grandmothers(my moms mother) brother lives there. Apparently they live in some huge house. Only downside to that though is I heard his wife was a Biya! Biya! . She like makes your change the sheets according to the day or some mess like that. I would probably put up with it though given the fact I would be staying there for free, *sigh* we don’t have a relationship though so that would be kind of using. Then I have family in Seattle. I just found that out like a few months ago. I haven’t kept those relationships going either. It’s kind of scary flying across the country though to visit family you have never met on your grandma’s(my dads mother) end that you JUST started having a functional relationship with. You never know what they are into, what movies they have, what they practice, habits ect ect. So I’m kind of uneasy about that anyways. If they were witnesses it MIGHT be a different story. At least I could check in with the local brothers and sisters to see if they are sane. Lol, why I say that? Because I have met some insane witnesses before lol. I can go on forever. Nonetheless I am excited for my potential vacation. *Fingers Crossed*

I went to the nail salon yesterday, something told me to go to my regular spot. I walked in to a dead salon nearby my house because I didn’t feel like the hustle and bustle of my regular place. *SIGH* bad idea. They treated me like I was a commander and chief or the friggin Army rescuing them from famine or something. Apparently I was their third customer of the day and I could not take the over saturated welcoming and what I need and …smh. I’m surprised they did not buss out in song and start a flash mob for me! Talk about a.n.n.o.y.i.n.g. “Where you get your nails done at?”  ” We do them better” “We are cheaper” (I’ll skip the semi-racist way they really say that). Some randoms walked up and just grabbed my hands.” Who did this for you originally?” Like ugh SPACE please??!

*Dangit I had something else to say but I forgot. I’ll come back and write it if I remember*-

Back to my regularly planned day. Byes!


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