Monday Thoughts

I’m tired of working. I don’t know if it’s that or I’m just tired of the 9-5 hustle. Better yet, maybe I’m just bored. I have no excitement about work and never have. I want something where I can wake up in the morning energized, geared up, amped and ready to go. I want to plan my outfits out and what am I going to wear today type thing. I’ve noticed lately within myself that I cannot stop thinking about moving and change. Why is it such a strong force within me? I think that’s why I cannot gear my mind to settling down  right now. I do not want to live in the DMV area. Well, hmmm. I wouldn’t completely write D.C off just yet. That area is still a little bit too cliquish for me, but isn’t everywhere??

The beach is where I need to be, Va beach is wayyyy too expensive though and I can’t think of a job I would even take there. The scene is very un moving when it comes ot jobs. Maybe I need to do more research though. Let’s think BIGGER. Like California or Miami…Or BIGGER like like like… like… TEXAS!!!!!!! Lol. Ok I’m getting beside myself. You get my point though? I want to get out of dodge! Life is too.. ..not short because I believe in a paradise earth where the righteous will dwell forever, but life is too frail.  You never know what tomorrow brings so why not take each hurdle day by day? If I want a place by the beach with my golden retriever why can’t I have that? Well I love Goldie’s but the hip dysplasia is too much for me to deal with. It’s a bill attached to that dog because it IS going to happen. And best believe it will be like 2g’s easy for surgery.

*Quick note.. I’m annoyed. I am a very good speller. Most of the time.. spell check cleans up the fast typing but the word ‘believe’ I can spell it but I never type it right the first time. EVER! I always think b.e.l.i.e.v.e  but b.e.l.i.v.e  comes out of my fingers. That stupid little E. It’s So irritating.*

Anyways back to what I was saying. So pretty much I might just end up getting a boxer or something who knows. I just need to feel fulfilled. And I don’t feel fulfilled at all. Not in any aspect. Hmm. Take for example my house. I have a two story town home that I rent. All mine. Yet it’s such a bare canvas. Being the woman that I am , somehow the ‘decorating gene’ did not pass down to me from my mom. My crib is like the ultimate bachelor pad. Go over any single dudes house… that’s my house. Others say they like it but ehhh my artistic mind is screaming paint me! Cover me! Throw some pillows on me!(Throw some P’s on it on it!)  Furnish me completely! Lay a rug down! Frame meee!! Bedazzle me! Anything! . I’m working on it….. -_-.

::Moving On::

SO yea I don’t know what late 2012 or early 2013 is going to bring. I thought 2012 was suppose to bring something, but it didn’t.  What else what else… I would give my take on the Grammy’s last night but, I’ll pass. They were not that great. That’s all folks I’m going to finish up the little bit of work I have and go to the gym. I have been sick for a week now and have fell off , time to get back on track. Till next time.


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