Case of the Mondays

I’m getting sick. Well I think I’m already sick. My voice is gone. I valeted at the Keswick Hotel in Charlottesville Saturday night. It was freezing. But at least I got to drive a Maserati Grand Turismo and a BMW 750i 2011. The panel actually reflects off the windshield to give the illusion of it dangling in midair.

Head-Up Display

 It’s called a heads up display. I think they have ones with the Navi on the screen too showing which road to turn on. I didn’t get in the house until 2:00 am. They didn’t stop partying until like 1 and we had to pack stuff up. Then Sunday morning, I pulled all my will power in my bones and met the group at 10. Too bad I was the only one besides the brother that takes the group out that met that morning. It was bitter cold so I guess it was hard to everyone else to get motivated. Jehovah saw me there and my efforts so that’s all that matters. I went home and cleaned out my hall closet which took forever and under my sinks. I mopped my kitchen floor. I need to do something with my second bedroom. I think I’m going to take the money I get from Valeting and redecorate it. It’s just bare. My home is like a bachelor pad. No personality whatsoever. So yea I pretty much cleaned up all day Sunday went to the meeting then out to party. So I’m like literally running on E right now.

I’m so nauseous. *Sigh* What else what else. Um the Super Bowl party yesterday was cool. It’s funny that I go to my congregation but I feel like I belong to my moms. I’m always getting invited to their congregation functions but, it’s as if I don’t even go to my congregation. Everyone has their own clique or circle. Guess I’m outside of the circle. Like Evelyn says on Basket Ball wives Miami. You’re not in the circle! Haaha. It’s just that everyone is married so , I’m like the only one not married really. So I’m just of a different crowd .  I’ve been going to my mom’s meeting the past week and a half and finally went to mine yesterday. I had to leave early though because I kept coughing.  Oh well. Back to the Party though. Some of the guys watched the game but most of us were around the table playing cards. I had a chance to really talk to my close friends Fiance’. She is really nice. I think he is making a great choice. She seems like the kinda chick that will hold you down. Why do I want a song to pop up in my head when I say that? There is this guy that likes me,.. he goes to my mom’s congregation. He was at the party…everyone is like go for it but ehh -_-. We have Chemistry but other things are just not there.

Honestly I’ve been feeling weird. Ever since I broke up with my ex …………( which lasted all of 5 seconds) …….. I’ve had no desire to date out of state again. Even if I like someone out of state its just such a hard decision. I thought about it. Then I squished it around in my mouth again. I’m kind of tired of doing it. Why does every guy I mesh with have to be eons away? My feeligns on this subject change quite freqently. There would have to be a strong force or bond pulling me on this one. Think about it, If I want to go to the movies, I want to be able to pick up the phone, dial you, and you be at my home in lightening speeds. When you’re out of state too much planning has to take place, and gas, and traffic, and the drive back home or where am I going to stay, can’t stay at your place because that’s not appropriate.  I was talking to my friend and basically we were on the same page about how hard it is to stay chaste. It’s really really hard. My love for Jehovah keeps me good though. Who isn’t tempted? To say you aren’t would just be lying to yourself. So you really have to be careful dating out of state because its almost as if those emotions become heightened by the distance.

::Moving on::

I watched something really informative the other day at a sister’s house. It was cool because we all had to bring meatless dishes. We watched the “Forks over Knives” documentary on the levels of cancerous product found in vegetables versus meats and dairy products. When rats were fed vegetable protein the cancerous levels went down, when they were fed animal protein the cancerous levels went up. It honed in on different cases in which they took patients and cut them off their medication cold turkey and changed their diets to plant based diets. Viola! They were cured. This does not work in every case but let me tell you, these people were bad off.  Anyways that’s about all for right now. Oh I have to get my car checked out :/ check engine light is on. ARGH! I need to do some work though. I have a lot more on my mind. A lot more. But 2012 is the year of no woes.


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