Good Feelings

I been sleeping so good lately. I think it’s because I’m soooo less stressed out. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud at night. I’m good with Jehovah, have great friends, good job, makin it,healthy. A lot to be happy about. 🙂 I think I have also come to the realization at this age, that I deserve to be treated like a queen. As in I don’t have to take crap off anyone just because “that’s what I’m used to” . I think I have realized that to a certain extent life does not have to be taken so seriously. Things don’t have to be dissected and cut up and put under a microscope. There are people out there that go to bed wondering if they are even going to wake up the next day. I have new-found goals within myself and I’m starting to take my moms advice. I love life and no matter what obstacles happen, I’m going to pray to Jehovah and take each one at a time. Live! Laugh! And definitely LOVE!… Everyone that passes you.


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