Tickling of the Ears

Someone in my family has turned into a full-blown apostate. It really saddens me. My uncle used to be a Elder in the congregation. Got mixed up with some young chick got tired of his marriage almost had an underage case, didn’t think he should be reprimanded or disfellowshipped and when he was , he stomped away from the truth like a temper tantrum kid. He has been that way for a while. He ‘serves jah in his own way’ –  And he has decided to pull my oldest cousin down with him. He is questioning everything in existence. The sadder part is I have seen my cousin wither away in depression ever since he has begun to have his ears tickled. I don’t even recognize him. I am used to the happy joyful young boy I grew up with. All I see now is a look of stress that only someone who has lived a lifetime of pain should look like. I can’t do anything. I’m helpless. I cannot pull him back or talk sense into him. I’ve tried before , but quickly remembered what the society has been saying for years. Satan is swift and sneaky. Having your ears tickled does not necessarily mean you feel the tickled sensation. Someone being an apostate does not mean they go around screaming obscenities about the truth. It can be a simple conversation that you mistaken as trying to encourage. So I made that my last time ‘encouraging’

 He is now outside in the world with a new wife and family and pulling his son down with him and that whole side of the family will be right with him in only a matter of time. Thankfully it has not reached my other younger cousin because he actually is dating a very nice young lady that is a regular pioneer. So I think he keeps his head on straight. *Sigh* this system is getting tougher and tougher.


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