Ok so you know I change my hair color for the summer and for the winter. Light for Spring/Summer and dark for Fall/Winter. I think I’m going to go….wait for it…. RED!  Yay. So excited. I have to come up with a good red though. Fire engine red is what I want but I have to keep in mind the ministry. Yet, I could just throw on a hat. Hmm. Anyways. Granted… I will have to visit a professional for the look I want , I’m just not too keen on gettting my hair stripped. Oh well, I’ma do it anyways. Hopefully it’s not a train wreck and my complextion agrees with it. One thing I have to make sure of it that I keep it uber conditioned. ( Yes I just said uber).

 Here are some looks that inspired my decision. 4 more months to go for my color change. I’m sure my hair will be longer by then 🙂 Let’s bring in age 25 with a bang! Side Note: Soooo excited  I will be able to rent a car with no additional #yourtooyoungtoberesponsiblesowearegoingtochargeyouextra fees on a rental car! Ahhh the simple things in life. 🙂

Rihanna Bright Red Hair Color

This isnt fire engine red but I like it still.. I may have to go with the more Auburn Reds for the ministry and I work in sales now…not a good look to go Fire Engine red. Sigh


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