I’ve stopped asking myself why “some” women act weird towards me, even if its my first time meeting them. I’m starting to put the blame on them and not me from now on. I feel as though I am a very approachable person with a kind attitude. Is it some inner feelings on their part that of course they will never ‘admit’ to having? I have some very close girlfriends of mine, and I’m content. It’s just the annoying vibe I get when I meet someone and I get the cold shoulder. Granted.. this has only happened maybe 1,2 or 3 times. I think what irritates me so much is , these women are wives of my guy friends/associates. I don’t feel like I dress overtly sexy or promiscuous. I don’t think that I’m a threat of any type. I don’t even feel like I’m flirtatious or any of the obvious reasons a woman would feel the need to emotionally and symbolically knee me in the “for the lack of a better word” NUTS. All I can do is keep being me , and realize that not everyone is going to like you or feel the same way about you as your close friends do.

Oh, and along with my 2012 goals, this is not a woe is me post, just an observation.


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