I’m feeling very optimistic today. I ‘am going to try something different in the year 2012. Here are 10 things so far I’ve thought of.

1.) Foremost I’m going to stop being so “woe is me” – It does not help any situation at all. Life is what you make it, and situations are only as good as the lessons you can squeeze out of them.

2.) Getting my field service time up and really work on myself, including delving into spiritual matters. I had a conversation with one of my favorite elders. You are what you attract. That meaning your friends, mate, life obstacles, issues ect ect. If your effort is minimal or not the best ,the outcome in life is going to be that too. BUT..My friends are GREAT actually. I honestly do not feel like I have one friend that is bad association. Not one. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to surround myself with such people. We don’t to hang out as often as I would like, but when we do it’s defiantly a treat. I wouldn’t mind gaining a bible study or two ;).

3.) I may start to save to move. I’m over the DMV area. Just a thought though. I may quinch this thirst by traveling more.

4.) I want to feel comfortable in all my relationships. I’m set on only allowing people in my space that deserve it and appreciates it. This is not limited to family,people in the organization, work, home, the market, anywhere. Negativity ??? I want no parts of it anymore.

5.) Be healthier. Ok I’m not overweight or anything but I definitely could take a better look at my diet.

6.) Widen out. I’ve widened out a lot more than the past few years in just this year alone. But , I don’t think it will hurt to do more.

7.) Pay attention to the more important things. This system is literally in a downward spiral. My attention has been so focused on matters that aren’t important right now. So this will be a working progress.

8.) Looking at the inside more than the outside. I had alot to say on this, but I erased it. All I will say it, everything that glitters is not gold.

9.) Keep my word more. This is simple. Stop backing out of plans.

10.) Pay off my debt. I have very few bills left. When I go into 2013 I want to be debt free. Keep dreaming right?


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