::Moving On::

I feel a lot better today. Still sad but, I was remembering that scripture “Jehovah has called you to peace”. If you are with someone and not fully happy or someone is not making you fully happy by their actions, let it go. The pain will only be greater down the road. With that said I plan to really take this time to myself and work on me more also. You never know what the future holds but until then I plan to take advantage of my singleness like what was brought out in the Watchtower a few weeks ago. I’m proud of myself that I “Eventually” was able to see the signs of an unhealthy relationship and approach them. It was no ones sole fault, obviously just a mixture of very unfortunate events. I’m not quite interested in talking to anyone right now. Relationships take too much energy out of you. I need to recoup.

This will be the last post I speak on this. ::Moving On:: – Now back to the regular scheduled programming.


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