Lesson Learned

How does someone crucify you for knowing what only the heart can sense? A woman knows the exact minute a man stops appreciating her. The exact second..I wish I would have learned this lesson 6 months ago.What gets me the most, is I never knew I stopped being so much of an important person to not even deserve a phone call to tell me all the voids I’ve felt were indeed there. Not a knock at the door , nothing. A text.I prayed to Jehovah almost everyday to help me see the truth and to reveal everything to me. I feel like sometimes people will hold your mistakes over your head just so in the future they can use it to make themselves look better. Mistakes that over and over again they said were no longer an issue. Mistakes that even they themselves have done worse, Mistakes that didn’t even involve another person. A mistake that was purely emotional confusion. My mistake was I did not fall in love quickly and had reservations. Anyways that person In turn puts all the blame on you when they start to lack.When in fact it’s themselves that they are not happy with.When I do give myself wholeheartedly, I only give it to a person once. After that it’s their loss because I stick it out through everything and anything except being treated the way I should.Lose the house,lose the car, sitting homeless on the street I’m right there. But put me to the side? I’m taking my duffel bag and cart and leaving.  Like A.Keys said  “Falling down ain’t falling down unless you cry when you hit the floor” …I’ll let A.Keys tell the rest.



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