Great Dane’s the Under’DOG’

First off, I LOVE big dogs. Whenever I have thought about a perfect summer it’s coupled with Jazz, the beach, and the scene of a beautiful dog (my dog) running through inch high waves. I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever. One problem , they get hip dysplasia. There are no and’s if’s or but’s , every single last person I have met with a GR it’s had this difficulty. You grow to love your dogs so much that you will pay ANYTHING for its return to health. They are like children and become a part of your family.  Me and my ex had a dog. His name was Rocky. He was a lab-pit mix. He was not that big, but his look was intimidating. Although, he never hurt a fly.Oh! how we loved him. He was the perfect animal. He slept under the covers with me and even shared my pillow. Unfortunately he had a bit of a problem,….a peeing problem. After countless…countless doctors visits that broke our pockets we nor them could figure out what was wrong with him. So we had to give him to the spca in hopes that the next owner’s pocket could support his need. We were confident that he was in good hands with the SPCA. I still think about to this day how he is and hopes he found a good home. The SPCA does not allot you to follow-up. Boooooo. Anyways I had a moment. Back to Great Danes. Why do I call them the “UnderDOG”? Because people think the mass of a dog = vicious. This could not be further from the truth.


So , with that said whenever you buy a dog they are an investment. The same way you have to take a child to the doctors and children get sick and get colds ect ect, dogs do too. With Great Danes they have a heart problem. The bigger the dog the less years they have in life. So of course the Great Dane only lives about 7 years or so. My heart could not stand losing pet. Remmie, I would be very sad. Dogs though? They go everywhere with you , have their own personalities, you know what they are thinking just by their expression ect ect. They also take a lot of dedicated time. Time that honestly, I cannot guarantee to anything right now. I’m such a last-minute person with plans and I’m gone so much, daycare fees would KILL me. So I live through pictures, because I don’t think that anyones ‘want’ for an animal should supersede taking responsibility and recognizing that you cannot devote yourself to what it needs.  Whew! With that said, let’s take a look at some beautiful Great Danes. Shall we?

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