Woke up feeling some type of way. Also had some weird dreams last night. Nonetheless let me say whats on my mind.

I’m feeling like I’m sitting  on a shelf . I don’t know why I came up with that analogy. An old book, trophy,one of those snow globes. Better yet, a beautiful painting that everyone is always commenting on but no one wants to buy it or invest in its worth. I feel like all the other books are being picked up and read and taken seriously, but I’m just a fiction tale as if Jack and Jill are currently falling down the hill inside of me. My words hold no meaning.  Or at least that’s what people think. I always hear people around me say Hey! have you read that book called “Janay”?. I overhear that they have been meaning to, just have not gotten around to it yet..

But then I read this

Your own best possibilities

You are worthy of the best, so act like it. You can do great, positive, and valuable things, so do them.

Live up to your outstanding potential. Think and act and live like the successful person you know you truly are.

Don’t cheat yourself or your world out of the best of yourself. Give everything you have to this moment, and the next, and the next.

It may be difficult and inconvenient and even painful to do what you know is best. Yet the regret of turning your back on your outstanding possibilities would be even more painful.

You know you can bring great richness to life, so do it. You have unique and meaningful value to give, so give it.

Feel the awesome power of your own best possibilities, and step forward to take responsibility for them. Do what you must to live at your best, because in your best is the truth of who you are.

— Ralph Marston


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