*Random Rant*

I’m feeling quite “woe-is-me” today. I’m happy don’t get me wrong, but it all started with me wanting to take a vacation. This is just a random let’s say: pimped out Gucci Minivan driving through a Mercedes-Benz dealership.It’s annoying but it’ll be around the corner and out of sight in no time.


That was not a great punch line but whatever… anyways

 I’ve never been outside of the East Coast. For an almost 25-year-old that’s kind of mundane. I feel like I grew up too fast. I went from living in my mom’s house as a 18-year-old to *BAM*! Marriage and taking care of a house hold. There has been no break. Just straight hustle and bustle. I know I know . That’s life Janay!! But *Grrrr* there was so much for me to get into , see and enjoy at a young age. I know I know I’m still young! I just wish I would have allowed myself to grow up first and see things from a more naive point of view for a while. I’m happy though and that’s all that matter. Alot is behind me and I feel like I have such a bright future for as long as this system will last. Can’t change the past so I just need to move forward. Lost years cannot be regained so make the best out of the ones to come.

SO!!! With that in mind. Let me get out my figurative 2012 calender and start mapping out my Vacation for next year. WHOO HOO!


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