Feeling Good

I’m feeling good about where I am in life. I woke up today. I’m serving Jehovah. I  have a great job. I feel loved by my family. I can do anything I want when I want (withinmeans). HOOray to adulthood! 

Adulthood hit 7 years ago but still…. I like to revisit that cool little detail of my life sometimes. I have a roof over my head. I have a car, which most take for granted. I have all ten fingers…all ten toes.. both arms…both legs. I can see the beautiful colors Jehovah has placed in front of me and hear the beautiful sounds. The only thing missing is a IPHONE and a couple of shoes lol. But hey those are just a necessities.  I have a pretty cool guy in my life even though we frustrate and irritate the mess out of each other on a daily, fortunately it all ends with a laugh. 

  Ok so anyways just thought I would count my blessings out loud for a minute…. that’s my thought for today.



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