The Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

After doing the weekly bible reading I read what I had gathered to someone close to me.  They then asked me a thought-provoking question “What is the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom?’ Well that’s a very good question because I didn’t technically know. He encouraged me to research it. So I did, and this is what I came up with.

I looked up a couple of different definitions , pure definitions of both Knowledge and Wisdom. In a nut shell, I gathered that Knowledge is basically knowing a certain fact or being able to perceive that something is right or wrong. Also having a deep understanding of something. Wisdom on the other hand is having that knowledge and understanding but being able to discern when and how to use it…and also using that ‘Wisdom’ and putting knowledge into action.

You know that the knowledge is beneficial and so you apply it. So that’s why Proverbs speaks of thinking ability in connection with Wisdom.

 How would I apply it in the Ministry or elsewhere?-  I could use that to help people understand , that there are people that may have “Knowledge” of bible truths , but are we/they actually putting any of it into action and mirroring their life course after it? Also for ones raised with bible truths. It’s worse for someone to know and not do, than for someone that does not know at all.So I could also apply it there. You know Jehovah’s God’s laws and they have been engrained since childhood, but your life course may show that you are not using wisdom and applying it and making the changes needed. So open your heart and use discernment when reading and really meditate on how you can apply bible principles on the daily and in every facet of your life.

After researching this, I can say that I have a better understanding of Proverbs 1-6.

Thanks Ant Hub for the encouragement you give me on a daily basis. 🙂


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