I Hate Mail

I hate mail

Who checks VM? I really really wish people would not leave them for me. They don’t get checked. I even tried to download a nifty little program where all you have to do is press a play button from a neatly organized list. It even shows the person’s name and who called! Yet stuborn me still fails to press the button. People talk too slow. They think about their thoughts and what they want to say over a 1 and sometimes 30sec recording. Don’t say “Call me back” and hang up if you think that maybe my phone did not show me a missed call. I don’t have an Iphone 4 so yes I can actually see that I have a missed call. 🙂

I hate mail

I have not checked my personal mailbox in like 2 weeks….why? First of all I’m still getting mail for the 5 previous tenants. I can kind of guess why there were so many tenants in such a short period of time. Some mail is from debt collectors, some from the state, and some from child support. I didn’t open any of it , but you can clearly tell who it is in the “From” box. So I’m not surprised that there was probably a failed marriage or someone got kicked out on their butt from unpaid taxes or what have you. I honestly don’t even care. I just don’t want to see it every day. Stressing me out and it’s not even my bills or mail.  Guess I’ll check it today. But I promise out of 20 pieces of mail, 1 piece will be mine

I hate mail

Nope, don’t check my email accounts either. Now I do have them set up automatically to go to my phone. That way I can quickly *bb menu*  *erase on both handheld and phone* vs typing in { insert email domain.com} – Typing in the username and pass word- hit the enter button-go to inbox…that’s too much work. The only reason I have personal email accounts is so that I can…let me repeat “so that I can” forward myself important information or documents. Why not just send me a text message with an attachment. MMS SMS Thank you!

I hate mail

Not even Facebook nope!……. Yep! Even though I’m ALWAYS on there I do NOT click on the two chat icons that merge together. On my phone I’ll pull up the message and read it because it’s a notification but it still takes effort to back out go into messages and reply..ehh actually is not that bad so I’ll concur with the general view of replying etiquette and reply to some things now. But you get the point.

BBM-Whatsapp-Text message-Or a actual phone call 🙂

All in all I’m lazy….shoot me

*Rant over*


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