I’ve been feeling very unsatisfied lately with my spiritual maturity. I’ve been thinking back to the days that I stayed out in service all weekend and all nights without let-up. My goal is to really get that zeal back that I once had. Satan can use so many means of stresses to bring down Jehovah’s servants. Stresses that may not even be evident to us or clear. Now I go out in service and go to my meetings and prepare. Yet, lately haven’t been feeling like it was enough. While I was doing the bible reading for this week , I came across a familiar scripture but at this point in my life it touched me in a different way. Psalms 145:10,11. “All your works will laud you , O Jehovah, and your loyal ones will bless you. About the glory of your kingship they will talk, and about your mightiness they will speak.” –

The only gift I can give to Jehovah is the ‘Blessing” of proclaiming his name and making all whom I come into contact with aware of his kingdom. Makes you think about that saying “What do you give a person that already has everything. “My time” because that can’t be bought back or forced or done/given without actions. SO…..Actions


1.) My first goal is to not only comment once on each weeks bible highlights but to prepare my comment in advance through study. And not only study the material but to try and bring out a point that the general audience would actually ponder over.

2.) To not only listen to the magazines but to actually read them. This can be soo hard for me. The main reason I have such a hard time finishing books is because I cannot sit in the same spot for a long period of time. I always wonder if there is anyone else like that and if so, what methods have they found that work out the jitters.

3.) I got this idea from a friend. Selecting at least 4 or 5 months out of the service year to auxiliary pioneer. This should actually be better than waiting for that month before to decide. This way I have more than enough time to set my schedule.

4.) Become less nervous in service. There is no imagining everyone in the room naked to get through a presentation. I’m always the one naked and everyone else is fully clothed. For some reason I find my self using an extreme amount of Jargon when I speak to people and I’m nervous. But this goes hand in hand with my next point # 5

5.) Prepare my presentations! When I prepare my presentations (this is nothing new to the TMS school) I feel so confident! I can talk and talk …listen and listen.. and leave the door really feeling like I touched that person and taught them something that maybe they didn’t know. Or left them with a good though. If there is no preparation an onlooker it looks like a meaningful conversation, but the householder is thinking ‘What is she rambling about’ and I’m thinking ” I hope they don’t realize I’m nervously rambling”. Yea so preparing my presentations…nothing new. Just have to do it. Aint nothing to it but to do it (Sorry had to do that)

6.) Schedule a personal weekly bible reading, and finish the bible in a year.

7.) Wear more tailored skirts and jackets. Everyone can’t wear everything. I finally found a style that I think will suit me. Actually I bought some skirts this week. It’s so hard to find clothes that do not try to bring out every asset you have. So I went to the store and gathered some skirts that fit ‘just right’ around the waist but are tailored in such as way that they flare out at the hips and tailor perfectly down. *So excited*

Theres always a higher goal to reach and always more to make. I just hope with prayer and deep meditation that I can not only accomplish on a higher scale all of the above but keep it in the forefront and pursue them everyday.



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  1. That’s beautiful and Im sure you will continue to be successful in your many goals with Jehovah’s loving help. I appreciate your honesty, humbleness and encouragement.

    Much Love

  2. I love this Nay! Atleast you are able to notice the adjustments and changes you may need to make to benefit spiritually. Some people wait until it’s too late and then boom! they’re out of the truth. Keep your head up sis and continue to rely on Jehovah 🙂 You’ll achieve your goals, because he’ll definitely help you, since you’re striving so hard to do his will.

  3. Thanks yall. We all have to Reassess ourselves on a regular , it’s so easy to start getting lazy.

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