*Random Rants*

I need to clean my house really bad. I mean so bad….I’m feeling like I’m confined to my living room.

Remmie needs litter and toys. He’s so bored …Poor thing.

 My car is so messy I wouldn’t be able to tell if a homeless person is living in there. They are probably somewhere in between the shoes or under all the mail/newspaper I keep getting in my inbox that’s NOT MINE, roasting bacon over a fire. SMH. I need to remember to throw that stuff away.

I finally heard what I have been waiting to hear for months…too bad it was verbally delivered in the worst way..

Theres ants on my desk at work, why am I dealing with this and I work at a Fortune 500 company?

I can’t take anymore work politics…. Janay no longer has an opinion, so don’t ask.

I need to stop eating Mcdonals. I’m getting fat. Well…not really but I just ‘feel’ like I am. Need to work out more. Just so tired. I need a schedule. My life is so out of order smh…

I’m 24 years old and I’ll be 25 in March I really wish people would stop calling me cute and adorable. Do I look like a dog named Frisky?

The IRS just raped me. My next check is rent and I don’t get paid again until OCT 14th. BLOWN. Oodles and Noodles it is! But hey at least I got my own lolol if that counts for something. Oh yea and hot sauce yummm

I dyed my hair back black because I do that every fall/winter…too bad I got jet black and not natural black. It’s cute…I just look like a cute goth chick :/

I saw a guy on the elevator this morning..someone brought their kid to work. The back of his shirt read this ” No Fear of Hell, Satan….” and that’s all I needed to see and I put my head down and shook it. If your going to bring your child to work, at least tell him to leave his Devil worshipping tendencies outside. Thanks!

I’m going to a crab fest tomorrow….I hope they have lots of beer so I can forget about all of the above



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