Mortified *Again*

-This is so random…but anyways

Ok , so it’s my 4th day on my new job. I am loving it. We had a huge meeting Tuesday where all associates from all 4 regions came together to discuss new ventures the company has in mind. That day I wore my teal and brown V-Neck dress. So let’s fast forward to today. Thursday September 15, 2011. This morning was not a good morning. I don’t know if I’m gaining weight or if my butt and hips are just getting bigger or wider or both!.. but something is for sure ‘Progressing’.


So I went to put on one of my favorite brown skirts only to see that it kept raising and raising to the point I might as well had just put on a mini skirt. It just kept bunching at the top and clearly it was too much ‘junk’ for that ‘trunk’ of a skirt. (Just made that up…I found it funny…roll with it) I’ve always been taught if you look in the mirror twice CHANGE! -Especially in the corporate world. The last thing you want is for people to start labeling you ‘Promiscuous Pam’. I run upstairs and throw on the first dress I see because I do not have time to look through anything! and try to be cute at this point. It is now 7:40 and my shift starts at 8-my job is 10 min away. Fast forward >> to me chatting it up with my coworker and she says  “Janay! That is a beautiful dress you have on”. *GASP*!!! It’s the same dress from Tuesday. So I’m having my moment with myself and feeling like Megan Good. *joke because she wears the same clothes over and over*. I get back to my cube and really press my brain and come to find out, I wore a orange dress that had the same type of design as this dress tue. All in all it’s not the same dress and I have wasted 30 min of my life


Moral of the story: STOP …THINK… ASSESS….THEN FREAK OUT.:) 



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  1. LOL That’s Life Isn’t It!

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