Ahhh Update

Let’s see what’s new. This has been a really good week, despite some ‘Technical Difficulties’ in my life.
Nothing I can’t handle though.

Labor Day Weekend…..Sunday after the meeting I decided to shoot down to Va beach to visit my Best friend and her babies aka my Snookums Lavi and Vi. Fun Fun Fun! Besides getting drenched in the rain! Well that was fun too Lol. We chilled out, went to a cookout (played bible trivia) and I played Kinec for the first time. Offf course I’m a pro (on easy) Gold Stars baby!!!!

What else what else- I started my new job today as a Sales Assistant. Basically I’ll be assisting the Eastern Region sales in Va Beach. So happy to finally be in a different field and really broaden my knowledge! Loooove learning new systems and workflows so I’ll fit right in.

One of the books I’m tackling lately is this book by Micheal Baisden and I cannot! Put it down. It’s basically about a man and he owns his own magazine. He grew up in a family where typically the father works his fingers to the bone to send him to a top notch predominately black school. He decides to follow his dream and become an entrepreneur in order to govern his own schedule and life aka not work for ‘The Man’ . Although his father is upset and stop speaking to him, he is forced to call and apologize renewing his relationship with his son after much success of the magazine selling millions in sold copies.

Anyways- So far he is this well educated brother borderline- cocky and hot, successful ect ect. And It seems like he has met his match with a beautiful, high moral having, young and very educated sister!

Her background- she grew up in a single family home and lost her Mother and brother within a few months of each other. Her mom was a police officer and got killed on the job and her brother turned to drugs and gangs in response to the trauma. She threw herself into her career and books earning major degrees and starting her own spa in Physical Therapy. A smart, self sacrificing ,educated, secure, confident woman. Hence why I am so excited to see why the title of this book is called “Men cry…..in the dark. I think the main character has met his match!! These two are going to go through some things together I can see it now. But Micheal Baisden is a awesome! He’s a Non trash talking non- dirty writer. He gets the point across without filth.

Till next time or next project Laterz!


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