Love Dont’s

Unfortunately we have all been a victim of at LEAST one of these. *Handoverface*


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Blowing Up His Phone

As an impatient 15-year-old, you would stay calling your boyfriend’s house annoying his mom. A grown woman knows that if a man is not answering his phone it’s for one of three reasons: 1) He’s busy 2)He doesn’t want to talk to you 3)He’s dead. Continuously calling his phone will not change any of the above conditions. All it does is make you look desperate and/or needy. If he doesn’t pick up, leave 1 message or 1 text. If he cares about you, he will call you back.

Trying To Purposefully Make Him Jealous

When you were in high school, you did childish things to get a boy’s attention. You flirted with his friends and sent yourself flowers in homeroom. Now you’re an adult, you should know that all these games are immature and unnecessary. If a man loves you, you cannot get rid of him. If you need to trick him into paying attention to you, he’s not that into you.

Being Too Available

In high school, you may have left your homework undone and dissed you friends just to spend quality time with your boo. Now that you’re grown, you should know to keep your life balanced. Your entire existence shouldn’t revolve your man. You should tend to your love life, but also value your friendships and take care of all your work obligations. Also, frankly, your man will begin to lose respect for you if he thinks that he can command your attention at his whim. That doormat swag is not a good look on anyone.

Accepting Poor Manners

In high school you may have tolerated him rolling up and beeping the horn for a date. Maybe as teenager you may have even thought it was OK for him to ignore you when he was around his friends. Now that you’re an adult, you should demand the proper respect from any man you spend time with. He should be a gentleman and show deference.

What are some some childish things that you you’ve seen grown women do in the name of love?

Telling Messy Friends Your Business ( I’ve never done this , I don’t respect people that do)

Now every woman seeks advice from her friends on her love life. Your friends are essential for both support and encouragement. When you were young and didn’t know better, you told ALL your friends EVERYTHING. That’s how your business was spread all across the locker room. As an adult, you should know to be more selective about where you seek counsel. There are some friends that WILL tell your business and some that just give bad advice. You should have learned not to run your mouth around untrustworthy people.


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