Someone sent me this poem Anonymously

Gotta love family strife……I don’t know why but I find this hilarious. Lol. Kinda like Meet the Parents.


In my family

We have Jealousy & Envy

Bitterness over Money

Topped with a dose of Insincerity.

In my Family-

There’s Reunions to see each other

Funerals to meet each other

False Demonstrations of love for each other.

In my Family

We Speak through Facebook

As if it deceives each other…Trying to mislead each other.

And yet and still we call it Family

Insisting Cuz ‘you can lean on me-

Thinking ‘Don’t you dare get ahead of me’

In my family

Aunts and Uncles

Strike you in the throat

With invisible words of silence

Inside I chuckle,

On a more positive note-

My Family is merely a joke

-By Anonymous


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