Annoyed/Pool Petpeeves/Politically Incorrect

1.) Annoyed-So I’m sitting here at the pool livid. I had this vision in my head that I was going to go home RUN upstairs THROW my bathing suit on DRIVE to the pool and JUMP and or BELLY FLOP in. Everything has happened except the Jumping and belly flopping. I’m already here and so I might as well make my time useful.

2.) Pool Pet Peeves- As I’m gearing myself up to do my infamous belly flop, I approach the pool. Now let’s rewind to a year ago.
I was apartment hunting, found a cool apartment with a pool that no one is ‘ever’ at. It’s as if the tenants don’t even know its here.
Its open all year round.
There’s no life guard.
It’s not like they know I ‘don’t’ live here.
My pool has bay bay kids running around. So pass
I come here all the time to a empty pool
Anyways as I approach there are years of people in the pool! *Gasp* Where did they come from?( Yea yea yea, who am I to be mad at the fact that the people that actually ‘live here’ is in the pool and in actuality -I’m- the intruder….. Whatever. Lol.) Back to my distressing situation. Who are these people?! I see kids all over the place. Jumping out the water only to “Spit” out whatever was in their mouth Yuk! Over and over again. -I am not getting in there-. I will only touch a pool if there are not kids in it. News alert ” Kids do nasty things” and if your not my kids I don’t think those nasty things are cute. I’ll come back when the water has fully circulated through the filters.

3.) Politically Incorrect- Now this has nothing to do with race “Its just so happens” that every time ‘well the past two times’ I’ve come to the pool a group of caucasian women are staring at me. No, not subtle starting, stopping their conversation staring. You may ask “did you have on anything revealing”? Not-At-All. I have on a cover up. A dress down to my knees. Three weeks ago the same thing happened. Staring to the point where I wanted to shout ‘ Take a picture! It will last longer!” Now #lesbihonest , isn’t that quite rude?

Needless to say this pool trip did not go as I had previously planned.


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