My Dream Vacation

Its 5am…I can’t sleep because I have stomach pain. Laying here and Street Wize-In the morning comes on………….so I decided to write

Many people don’t know this about me, but I’m incredibly easy to please and it does not take much to fascinate me or make me happy.

My Idea of a Dream Vacation……

Let me first take you back a couple of years. I used to hate Smooth Jazz. My mom played it all the time and let me tell you, it was as if tiny little people were scratching hundreds of tiny little chalkboards within my head. I remember the day as if it was yesterday that I started loving Smooth Jazz. A friend of the family gathered my brother, mom and I up and took us to Nags Head.

The house we stayed in for the weekend had about 4 floors,roughly 10+ bedrooms, countless bathrooms, a pool, and we were on the beach overlooking it. You may be thinking that it was all the above that made this vacation so enjoyable to me. -Not at all- I woke up one day at dawn mid summer. The time of the day that if it froze at this temperature it would be ‘The Perfect Day’. As I walked upstairs to the top floor the sliding doors were already open and when you stepped outside on the deck all you saw and heard was the crashing of the waves.

Such a good feeling came over me. I mean still to this day I have never attained the amount of serenity or calmness that I did in those few minutes before the sun peaked it’s head above the water. Smooth Jazz was playing in the background…My mom had left the music channel on. I sat there…alone and in complete peace….That is when I fell in love with Jazz.

My idea of a Dream Vacation’s not hard to figure out. Actually I’ll take any vacation. The epitome of peace to me is my music. I imagine sitting on a roof top in New York city, Peter White is playing in the background. I imagine walking hand in hand with the sounds of Najee on a dewy morning, feet planted firmly in sand {Insert any exotic beach}. While in some far away pasture overlooking massive mountains and greenery my hammock rocks me to sleep to the sounds of Candy Dulfer.

This is my enjoyment. I love to do other things!! On my Dream Vacation shopping for local handmade items fills my heart with joy. You’re supporting not only the hard work of someone but taking home a great artistic mind. Forever being inspired by it. I want to taste different food smell unique aromas. But if I could just have 1 hour to enjoy creation along with musical creation from the mind , heart, and soul….that people is all it takes to make me happy -On my Dream Vacation-


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