How to become a ‘Thousandaire’

So with this whole Debt Ceiling craze I decided to come up with a few ideas on how to survive if anything ever threatens us like this again.

Brand New Technology-Also known as trying to keep up with the Joneses

  • There is always going to be someone with something better.
  • Phones go big, small,big,small,  just get a medium size one
  • If you want to see life in 3d , open your eyes Jehovah been there done that.

Bottled Water

  • Get a Brita bottle. It’s worth the investment

Individual cups of coffee

  • Investing in a coffee pot may be the way to go. Get a cute (or manly) thermos and keep it moving. They even have the machines where you can time it and its ready for you in the  morning

Barnes and Noble- What ‘s the Alternative? ….

  • My sister told me this one: There’s this magical place called a Library. *GASP* They actually have books that you don’t have to buy and it wont take up unnecessary space. Also you wont have to buy that bookshelf to house all the things you haven’t have time to read lately anyways. 🙂

Designer Clothes  :One word: “Overrated”

  •  No one wears Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat? Please we are all adults now and need to be working out to get rid of that ‘Baby Phat’ Never liked the name.  If you are attached to name brands Marshalls is the place to go! Name brands for cheap. Or during the winter you can shop for summer clothes and in the summer shop for winter clothes.
  • Trends… will never be able to keep up with trends. Even if you do , you will find yourself throwing out your clothes every three months. Whether its Strips, Animal Print, Now its Floral!(Yuk) in two months it will be out again.

Call your Cable company

  • Tell them you are going to cancel because “These prices have really screwed up my budget so go sell your poison somewhere else!” Lol sike don’t say that. But you can say ” After looking at my budget I have decided to cancel my cable television” I promise you they will be more than willing to knock off at least $20 per month so they can stay gaining the $100.Worked for me 😉

Movie Concessions and Vending Machines

  • Two words: DOLLAR TREE

Last but not least for Pete’s sake bring your lunch to work! Because Pete is tired of hearing about how the Cafe’ prices keep going up.

Goodday and  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it.



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  1. This was funny but true Nay! Good suggestions! 🙂

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