Nooo! I am mortified….


So today ended just like any other day except the fact I had the meeting. So I come home from the meeting as usual. Pull into my complex and take the same slight left towards my house as normal. In my head lights I see the cutest little kitten. So….

Stop the story-Let’s rewind back to last week. A dear friend of mine called me and said “Ja’Nay I’m driving home from the meeting and I saw a cat. I asked myself WWJD (What would Ja’Nay do?) He said he knew if it was me I would have parked my car on the side of the road, gotten out, picked the cat up and taken it to safety.

Back to the story- So I see this kitten and so I immediately park my car jump out IN MY HEELS! and chase this cat up the sidewalk to someones front door. The kitten then runs to the nearest grate …………’s the bad part……..and jumps in.

I stood there mortified. This kitten is probably thinking  “Did I ask for your help?” Now when he/she jumped in I thought I heard the sound of it plopping on leaves….well its not fall :/ . So the mortification comes in when I realize that it was probably water and hopefully inside the rain grate its not slanted and he/she cant jump out. *Sigh* Cat’s don’t drink liquor so I couldn’t pour a bottle out. Instead I placed some cat food beside the grate in ‘possible’ remembrance. I’m hoping that tomorrow the cat food will be gone so I can convince myself that it was ‘that kitten’ that ate it. Even though theres like 20 in my community. Let’s be optimistic about this one ehhh?? 🙂



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  1. I want you to know, this almost made me pee on myself. I’m not afraid to admit this. Had me rolling!

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