Natural Girls EcoStyler Review’s-I’m Getting it tonight *Yay*

This is great. Works wonders on frizzy hair lines and fly aways that you want to lie down.”

“This gel works great for my hair. I have natural 4a/b hair. It really works great at defining my curls. I have not had any issues with flaking or drying out my hair-I usually apply oil or a leave in conditioner prior to applying the gel for my wash’n’go.”
“I have heard a lot about this product and decided I would try it. I have coarse 4b hair and this product defines my natural hair into curls. I have tried the clear gel and this one does leave my hair softer than that one. It works great for wash n’ gos. I have also tried Kinky Curly, but this gel defines my hair better and is much, much cheaper.”
I read many reviews about this product. However, I was not expecting it to do anything for my hair. Boy was I wrong! This is a great product, it is amazing. I was very surprised. I have 3b/3c curls and Eco left my hair soft and bouncy; with a soft hold. No grease, crunch or stickiness.
The price is great! I can not believe the cost is so very economical. OMG, I have used products that cost much, much, much more. This is a wonderful products for a great price!!”

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  1. Hey Nay, I’m going to purchase some today hope it works!!!!

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