Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a big fan of Bananas.  Matter of fact, I would rather light a shot on fire, drink it and blow flames out of my mouth before I will even ‘Smell’ a banana. But something I hate more than Bananas? That is stepping on the elevator before I have even had a chance to digest the fact that I am at work to be greeted by someone that is a Talking Betty.

I don’t mind the good mornings, no..no..I don’t even mind the “What floor are you going to?” I will gladly push the button. But the clichés? Cut the clichés , everyone knows its Friday, yes the weather is hot (it’s been that way for a week now). No I do not care that you are going to Texas to visit your sister. These things are fine if it was lunch time at 1:00pm but its not….. It is 8:40 am and I am still….sleep. Yet i still always have a smile on my face and converse anyways….the above is just what I’m thinking in my head 😉


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