H20-Take a peek in my head :)

Sometimes I like to make comparisons, just a fun little thing I do. Now whether it makes sense or not… I guess is up to the individual. I m probably one of the most random thinkers you will meet with a pinch of ADD …Healthy ADD 😉 .I went to the vending machine and with a $1.50 cent (Penny for a thought) and retrieved a bottle of Coca Cola. I knew I should have been drinking water being that I don’t get enough of it. Anywho.. Some very random thought came to my mind about how water is a true quencher, but as “feel good” seekers, we always go with what taste better. I don’t know, it’s something about that feeling of ice cold acidity going down our throats that puts our nerves at ease and softens the “Get away from me” look. But does it last? 30 minutes later we are thirsty again looking for the next best drink and feeling uneasy and annoyed all over again looking for that caffeinated fix. When in actuality if we would have just pressed B9 and bought water this whole spiel would have been avoided.  Alert!! Alert!! This is not an Epiphany or meant to be awe inspiring or anything like that. Just a little creative writing…..Enjoy

The first time I comprehended the concept of H20 I knew it was a life source that you could not survive without. It’s something you’re showered with from birth, sometimes taking it for granted. As you get older you see the real significance of it.  Soda and Juice among other liquids contains H20 but it is not pure. On a hot day, the only thing that seems to quench your thirst is a tall ice cold glass of water.

When you first jumped in no one told you how deep water could be. No one bothers to mention that this very thing that had kept you alive for so many years had a dangerous side. Not until you nearly drown, barely making it up to the top to get that last gasp of breath that saves your life. Then someone says “Ahh oh yea *cough cough* you might want to put on a life jacket” *Straight face*

Can we compare this to Love? From birth we are showered with it and innocently taking it for granted. We are unaware at a young age, be it in your pre teens or teens, the different ways in which it can be used. Usually we take hold of the fillers. This is just the beginning. For example “Like”.. “Lust”…”Passion”…”Infatuation”. But like I said ‘Fillers’are exactly that.- A thing or substance used to fill a gap, cavity, or the like.

You cannot raise a child with “Infatuation”, you cannot accept someone’s proposal off of “Passion” or “Lust”. You cannot “Like” someone simultaneously giving your life over to them with “I do”.  But how many are told what Love really consist of? Is it merely something to say “It will happen one day” Does it deserve to be put on the back burner with “ You’ll know when it happens” No it deserves our respect to know how and when to use it and in what way.

It can either be a life source or something that is crippling and damaging. Love indeed is beautiful. It is something that can be like a tall glass of water, on a hot summer day. Refreshing and divine.  I like to think  that life jacket someone tells you about is Jehovah and his word the bible.

*Disclaimer* Now maybe someone told you that you needed this life jacket and maybe someone didn’t. It all depends on your background. And even if you did know ,that does not mean you took it seriously or listened

Eventually you realize that you cannot swim in deep water without it. Love is nothing shallow. It goes deep. And only by listening to the bibles way of using it properly can we withstand the rapids and waves that come with it.


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