Taking Responsibility

This is by far ‘one’ of the most touching quotes I have read.

Taking responsibility
It’s not their fault. It’s your responsibility.

If you’re not moving forward, what’s stopping you is you. That’s very good news, because it means you are in control of your own destiny.

If you continue to blame and complain and procrastinate and make excuses, you’ll continue to be disappointed with the way life unfolds. When you’re ready to stop all that, and when you really do, and when you choose to be responsible for it all, you dramatically change your outlook for the better.

It is difficult and uncomfortable to take full responsibility for your life and your world. The only thing that’s even more difficult is to not take that responsibility, and to live with the unending regret.

Yes, there are many things you cannot control, and most of the difficult challenges are not your fault. Even so, if you wish to create real fulfillment, the way to do so is by taking responsibility anyway.

This is your life, your opportunity, and your universe of beautiful possibilities. Take responsibility for it all, no matter what, and make it into a magnificent and increasingly joyful experience.

— Ralph Marston


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