Madam Noire-How To: How to Motivate Yourself to Go to Work in the Morning

I LOVE Madam Noire. It’s something for everyone. While browsing today I came across this Article. Currently I have 10 alarms set on my blackberry every morning in addition to my regular alarm clock.  Getting up early is the bane of my existence. I plan putting some of these into action. Let’s skip #1 not quite ready for that type of physical commitment yet LOL

1. Go on a brisk walk/run before sunrise

You don’t have to be an exercise guru to know that walking is a healthy regimen, and great for physical endurance. Night owls can even reprogram themselves to wake up early as long as they get the recommended seven hours of sleep the night before. Ask your spouse or a friend to join you for a 30 minute to an hour walk, so you can start your day on the right foot. Even your child or dog can accompany you.

2. Morning drink of choice: herbal tea or a hot latte

A drink of choice for the average working individual could be a cup of coffee laden with sugar and vanilla creamery, but other healthy refreshments like herbal tea, water or a hot latte may be better for those looking to fuel physically and mentally. Start the morning right with a newspaper to take with you on the go.

3. Your muse can be an inspirational quote of the day, bible quote if you’re religious/spiritual or a favorite song

Some days, you may feel flustered over the things you need to get done. But even hard workers need a spiritual awakening to bring them back up to speed. You’ll be surprised how one’s inspirational quote, song or biblical message can transform your attitude.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Go to Work in the Morning


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